adidas X IRAK ZX 8000 A-ZX Series


adidas X IRAK ZX 8000

The ADIDAS X IRAK ZX 8000 GTX takes up the now legendary RMX EQT SPT collaboration series from 2007 again. A particularly memorable project that is still high on many collectors’ search lists.

adidas X IRAK ZX 8000 A-ZX Series ZX8000 german

If you know anything about the NYC street scene, or even have a passing interest in graffiti, you will most likely know Kunle Martins (AKA Earsnot) and the infamous IRAK crew well. Where most writers worked under cover of darkness, this collection of artists, creatives, and visual terrorists transformed the New York scene in the late ’90s and beyond, dominating the streets, nightlife, galleries, fashion brands, and even retail spaces (theirs Affiliation to Alife runs to the core).

At the end of 2007, two colors of the RMX EQT SPT fell apart within a few days, bridging the weeks between Christmas 2007 and New Year 2008. Almost completely unannounced, they suddenly appeared on the Alife website and disappeared almost as quickly. For the new A-ZX series of 2020, the two colors of the RMX EQT are now applied to a new ZX 8000 construction with updated year tags and a new GORE-TEX surface is used, which further increases the attractiveness of the version .

The adidas X IRAK ZX 8000 A-ZX Series is expected to appear in mid-September.

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